What Is the GC Blockchain? The GC blockchain is a public ledger that can store green energy transaction records or any Carbon right. Anyone can use it and help run the network. It can also reduce transaction costs and increase efficiency. The ledger is secured with advanced cryptography, which makes it difficult to tamper with. The GC Blockchain is transparent, meaning that high-quality data is available to anyone and is consistent across the network. The GC Blockchain can have a positive impact on the environment. 什麼是綠碳鏈是什麼? 綠碳鏈是一個綠能公共分類帳,可以存儲綠色能源交易或碳權記錄。 任何人都可以輕易使用且還可以減少交易成本並提高綠色能源效率。 分類帳由高級加密技術保護,因此很難篡改。綠碳鏈是公開透明的,分散式運算確保了全網絡上的交易綠能數據都是一致的,歡迎加入綠碳鏈一起友善環境產生正循環影響。